Creating the ultimate outdoor space has never been easier thanks to our tips and tricks for backyard landscaping. Get inspired to start—and complete!—your next garden project with the help of these great ideas.

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Where to Find Garden and Landscape Inspiration, According to Leading Exterior Architects
With so many plant species to choose from, building your garden can be a rather intimidating task. To help, three designers share their top inspiration sources.
Seven Perennial Flowers That Add Color to Your Summer Garden
As a horticulturist and lifelong gardener, Kelly Norris shares his favorite perennial flowers to bring a burst of color to your summer garden.
Six Things You Can Do to Make Your Backyard More Dog-Friendly
It helps to start by knowing which plants are toxic and are not toxic to pets.
How to Make—and Fill—a Raised Garden Bed
Since the Middle Ages, when monks filled them with medicinal plants, raised beds have been a smart, simple way to sow and grow things practically anywhere. They're invaluable in vegetable gardens, but great for cultivating fragrant blooms or succulents, too. Read on, and rise up.

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